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Payroll Champion : Multi-user, multi- company : up to 2000 employees.

Payroll Champion enables efficient, accurate payroll processing, while also providing the configuration capabilities to meet the unique needs of your organization.
Payroll Champion has innovative design wherein there will not be any requirements to change the source code for modifying any application logic. Many corporate companies have purchased Payroll Champion since their requirements can be configure in Payroll Champion easily. Consistent development is happening to add more features to the package on a continuous basis. Organize your workers for payroll Group your workers into pay group organizations to meet your specific payroll administration and security needs.

Add/update payroll related data View/edit all data for a worker via a single click—including payroll related data such as pay group assignments and tax elections.
Configure your earningsand deductions Configure as many earnings and deductions as you need to pay your workers. Calculate your payroll Calculate your payroll in both batch mode for a group of workers and real-time for a worker via one-click actionable reports.

Implementation Time Payroll Champion' is the combination of fixed and dynamic system. Though it works like an ERP system, all the input fields need not be created from the scratch. 'Payroll Champion' has predefined templates that are definitely required for every organization. Additional templates can be created on a need basis. Hence 'Payroll Champion' can be implemented very fast within 1 Day.

How do I implement new changes?

This is the most frequently asked question by most when a package is purchased from a vendor. When we offer a product, we just do not offer a product, we offer services. The product is so complete that it has all the features required for the desired application. The product is so dynamic to take care of the future needs of an organization as well. Further we enter into Annual Maintenance Contract with the client to support the package and to implement newer versions. This would ensure that we are committed to the client on a long-term basis and the client is assured of the latest system keeping in tune with the time and technology.
  •  Key Features
    • Multi User / User Level Access
    • Minimum User Entry
    • Minimum Company
    • Dynamic creation of pay groups or category
  • Employee Profile
    • Joining Information
    • Confirmation details
    • Current position and job profile
    • Local address and References details
    • Contact person details
    • Employee number can be generated automatically by the system or can give manually by the User
    • User can upload and view the employee photo
    • Emergency address
    • User can upload and view the employee Documents
    • User can select the Employee which type of mode to pay the salaries
    • User can enter the employees probation period
    • Employee Bank details, Academic Qualification details and Reimbursement detail
  • HRD Procedures
    • Final Settlement
    • Superannuation
    • Gratuity and Tax Calculation
  • Statutory Reports
    • Salary Register
    • ESIC Challan
    • PF Challan
    • P. F. FORMS
    • Prof. Tax FORMS
    • Income Tax FORMS
  • Leave Management System
    • User defined leave types
    • Leave balance details
    • Leave rules monthly
    • Leave entry
    • Leave posting to payroll
    • Yearly leave carry forward Leave reports generated
    • Availing of leaves and credit of leaves for each employee can be updated
  • Transfer, Promotions & Increments
    • Transfer Details (Shift / Department)
    • Promotion Details (Post / Salary)
  • Loan Accounting
    • Loan accounting and deduction
    • Calculate monthly deduction based on type of recovery.
    • Rate of interest and period of loan.
    • Loan recovery amount directly goes as deduction to payroll processing.
    • Loan balance and summary reports
  • Employee Reports
    • Contact Details
    • Birthday List
    • Employee Salary Structure
    • Transfer/Promotion Details
    • Allowance Deduction Report
    • Salary Increment Details
    • Salary Structure
    • Resigned Employee Details
    • CTC(Cost to the Company)
    • Department wise Employee List
    • Wage Register
    • Bank payment details
    • Salary advance report
    • Tax Forecast
  • Payroll Management System
    • Salary formula
    • Create your own Salary Structures
    • Payslips can be sent via email in pdf or excel formats to all the employees
    • User can print the payslip's of the employee directly to the printer 'n' number of records can be printed at a time
    • Keep your company logo on payslip's and reports.
    • View and print the payroll summary of all employees by customizing the salary types
    • Modify the salary types of the employee to the existing salary types
    • Given option for all the allowances to be calculated according to percentage, fixed amount and manual
    • User has the option whether CTC (Cost to the Company) is applicable for the particular company or not
    • Payroll champion can identify the local printers of the client and can print the reports to that selected printer
    • Different models of reports are available to the User that he can print his desired format
  • Attendance Register
    • Monthly wise Employees present information
    • Employees Daily shift information
    • Employees OT information
    • Employees OT Shift information
    • Employees Acting information
    • Employees Late Hour entry information
    • Attendance Reports
  • Provident Fund
    • Provident fund can be calculated according to percentage or manual
    • Provident fund Challan
    • Provident fund FORMS
  • Professional Tax
    • Professional tax slabs can be defined for each state
    • Professional tax of Employee will be calculated according to the state he is working
    • Professional tax will be calculated according to the Age of the employee
    • Range values and amount to be deducted can be updated by the user
  • Canteen
    • Booklet Entry
    • Coupon Entry
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